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One of our go-to spots by the sea to grab brekky in the sunshine with friends or a takeaway coffee for a walk on the beach. Perfectly located at Mermaid Beach, BSKT offers a delicious menu with so much variety - from acai bowls, to waffles, to burritos, along with vegan options. They also have a great outdoor play area for your little ones. 

prae recommends

Grab your girlfriends and do a class at Hustl ( conveniently located upstairs) and then have a healthy breakfast (our favourites are the Navajo Native Breakfast or the Brekky Salad) and a coffee to start your weekend. 


    BSKT (biscuit) was founded in 2013 as a destination for delicious food on the Gold Coast Australia. What started as a health food restaurant has lead to the formation of a global health food brand. We simply believe in making both individuals and the planet a healthier place to live. This is the story of how BSKT started, and it continues with you.


    location  | 4 Lavarack Road, Mermaid Beach 

    phone     | 5526 6565

    email       | 

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