Why we love them

With a unique approach to training, Neighbourhood have both an industrial-style gym, offering functional strength classes, and a hot studio - a fusion of strength and pilates in an infrared heated room. Located in Mermaid Beach, Neighbourhood focus on community and finding a different way to sweat. 

Prae recommends

If we're in the mood for a really sweaty session with a slow burn, Neighbourhood Hot is our go-to. Plus, we can't go past an aesthetically pleasing studio that demands an Instagram photo, so Neighbourhood Hot ticks all the boxes. 



Australia’s newest training powerhouse, Neighbourhood has opened the doors to its official flagship location in Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast, with the launch of two purposefully designed studios, Neighbourhood Training and hot pilates studio, Neighbourhood HOT. Their Mermaid Beach location pushes the boundaries between design and training, and offers its members a design-led, state of the art training facility that caters to all fitness levels. 


website | neighbourhoodtraining.com 

social | @nbhdtraining & @nbhdhot 

location | 2582 Gold Coast Highway, Mermaid Beach

email | hello@neighbourhoodtraining.com

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