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If you're a mum-to-be and you're looking for ways to prepare yourself for birth and motherhood, look no further than Peace With Birth. Tori is a registered midwife who provides realistic and supportive private birth classes in the northern NSW area, she's passionate about supporting families to be informed and empowered during their birth and parenting journey. 

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You can do Tori's classes in person in the comfort of your own home if you're local to the Byron shire or the southern end of the Gold Coast, otherwise you can do them online. You'll receive three sessions - the first session covers birth physiology and mindset, whilst the second covers labour wisdom, and the third session covers the golden hour and your newborn.

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    There is a big gap for informational, realistic and supportive birth classes that are tailored to the needs of the woman. Peace With Birth classes are here to offer you empowerment through information. To reclaim birth as a business of your body. Tori's experience in the hospital system has taught her that when it comes to birthing, we cannot simply put our hands up and just “go with the flow”. Unfortunately the flow isn’t always in our best interest. Her sessions will give you the information you need to birth with confidence no matter what this looks like for you. With this knowledge you will feel comfortable to ask questions and advocate for your needs. The classes will also give you a sound understanding of how your body is made to birth and so much more.


    website | peacewithbirth.com.au

    instagram | @peacewithbirth

    email | peacewithbirth@gmail.com

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