We know that all too familiar feeling when life gets a little too much. The responsibilities stack up and our social life and self-care go out the window. Life can feel like a constant juggle, trying to find balance and staying on top of everything, that’s why we’re all about these ten simple hacks to make life a little easier. From meal prepping, to budgeting, to planning your schedule, these hacks are easy to implement and will help with all aspects of your life…


Organise your morning the night before

Before you go to bed ensure that you’ve prepared your lunch for the next day and even breakfast if you’re time poor. If you plan to workout in the morning, lay out your activewear so you can get ready quickly and not have to make a decision when you wakeup. 

Wash your veggies 

Whilst it’s super important to remove chemicals, waxes and bacteria from your fruit and veggies, we know it can seem like a chore. We find it helps to wash everything as soon as you get home from the store, so you can pop it all in the fridge and know it’s clean and ready to go when you need it. Our favourite is the fruit and vege wash by Bondi Wash

Get a cute big water bottle

Hydration is key for your health and glowing skin. To help reach your daily goal we recommend getting yourself a cute big water bottle so you aren’t having to fill it up as regularly. 

Meal prep a handful of essentials 

If you’re not into meal prepping full meals, we find that it helps to even just prepare a few handy, versatile elements like roast veggies and meat that you can use throughout the week in salads, etc.

Get a recipe rotation

Put together a list of quick and simple, but delicious recipes that you can make on rotation. We all know how frustrating it can be having to think of dinner ideas when you finish work, so make things a little easier by rotating between fool-proof recipes that you know and love.

Clean a little everyday

We don’t know about you, but we often find ourselves doing all of our cleaning on weekends because it’s hard to find the time during the week, which then becomes even more of a chore. It helps to break up your cleaning and do little bits each day, like clean your toilets and sinks on a Monday and then vacuum sweep and mop on a Tuesday. 

Plan your workouts

This might sound really simple, but it truly does help to plan out your workouts for the week. Book your classes or write out your home workouts on a Sunday so you can go into week feeling prepared. We also recommend planning your workouts around your cycle so you know when to take it easy. 

Have a calendar/planner for your household 

Whether you’re in a relationship or you’re single and living with housemates, it helps to have a calendar or planner either digitally or on the fridge to keep track of all your events, appointments, meal plans, etc. 

Make a budget

Not budgeting enough money for your bills and essentials can cause unnecessary stress and even anxiety. Take the time to put together a specific, fool proof budget that covers all aspects of your finances, from groceries, to eating out, to a clothing allowance. 

Don't leave things until the last minute

This one is easier said than done, but getting things done ahead of time is an instant stress relief. Leaving things until the last minute creates unnecessary tension and you’re probably more likely to make mistakes and be unhappy with the finished result. 

* The content provided in this article is provided for information purposes only and is not a substitute for professional advice and consultation, including professional medical advice and consultation.

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