Not only do our ceramic diffusers make a beautiful décor piece, and smell amazing as they release soft, soothing scents throughout the home - they also stimulate many hidden health benefits when paired with essential oils tailored to the needs of your body. From stress relief, to improved sleep, to appetite control, let us take you through all the reasons why you need an oil diffuser in your life... 

1. Stress and Anxiety Relief 

Diffusing essential oils like lavender, bergamot and ylang ylang can reduce stress and relieve anxiety. So if you’ve come home from a busy, stressful day at work, take a breather and get your oil diffuser flowing, you’ll feel calm and relaxed within no time... 

2. Safe Scents  

Oil diffusers release cleansing molecules which work to purify the air, compared to some candles and air fresheners which can release unhealthy chemicals. Electronic diffusers are also the safest alternative as they don’t pose the same fire risk as candles. This means you can comfortably leave your diffuser running at home, because rest assured it will turn itself off once it runs out of water. 

3. Improved Sleep 

Diffusing essential oils such as lavender, chamomile and sandalwood can help you fall asleep quicker, and have a better, deeper sleep. We love setting our diffuser up before bed and listening to the soft misting as we fall asleep. Our favourite sleep blend is 4 drops of lavender, 2 drops of cedarwood, 2 drops of wild orange and 1 drop of ylang ylang. 

4. Appetite Control and Weight Loss 

Food based essential oils like peppermint, cinnamon and lemon can help stimulate the senses in a way that reduces cravings and helps you feel full faster, plus they can support digestion and the breakdown of body fat.  

5. Combat Bacteria and Mould

Diffused essential oils break down free radicals in the air that contribute to the growth of harmful bacteria. Blending oils such as eucalyptus, thyme and tea tree help combat fungal yeasts like mould around the home. 

6. Improved Cognitive Function  

Essential oils including frankincense, peppermint and sage have been known to improve memory and concentration, whilst soothing stress and giving us a boost when we are feeling low. Lavender, bergamot and rosemary also help to balance your hormones, which enhances your overall cognitive function. 

7. Pain Relief 

Whilst applying essential oils directly onto your body is the best way to relieve pain, inhaling essential oils can help internally relieve pain from headaches, sore muscles and joints. Peppermint oil can help with abdominal pain and bloating, whilst rosehip oil reduces inflammation and joint pain, and lavender oil is great for headaches.  

8. Eliminating Odor 

Blending your favourite essential oils is a great way to get rid of any bad smells throughout your home, particularly if you have pets. You can create your own blend, fusing the scents you love, and the best part is that you can make it as soft or strong as you like, depending on the scents you choose.  

9. Insect Repellent  

Diffusing essential oils is a natural and safe way to repel insects like mosquitos, fleas and ticks, instead of using sprays filled with toxic chemicals. Here are some blends to try at home, depending on which insect you’re trying to keep away... 

Mosquitos: citronella, peppermint and lemongrass 

Fleas: cedarwood, citronella, pine 

Ticks: Rose geranium, juniper and grapefruit 

10. Decongestion and Mucus Control 

Using essential oils for decongestion works the same as a eucalyptus rub (who remembers Vapo-Rub as a kid?), except it diffuses vapours around the whole room. Oils like eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree are great for clearing a stuffy nose.