Taking inspiration from the beautiful Rachael Attard- Personal Trainer, Author & Founder of the social media famous ‘3 Steps to Lean Legs’ we asked Rachael what inspires her most. 

When do you feel the most beautiful? 

It actually took me a long time to think of an answer for this! I don’t think there is any one specific time for me. Usually it is when I have all 3 of these things. -I’ve had a good night’s sleep. -When I’ve been consistent with my diet and exercise (usually after just 3 days I feel amazing). -When I’m around people who love me for who I am. Around my closest friends and family, I can be wearing track pants and no make up and still feel confident and beautiful, because I know they love me and aren’t judging me based on my looks. 

What is your beauty routine? 

I keep my beauty routine pretty simple. I use the Edible Beauty Cleanser daily in the shower. 1-2 times per week I use the Mukti 2in1 resurfacing scrub. At night I use the Mukti Marigold hydrating moisturiser and Mukti Age Defying eye cream. And I always use SPF 50 in the day time. 

Why are you drawn to living a healthy lifestyle? 

When I first started exercising, it became quite addicting. I went to the gym every single day, without fail. And because I was exercising so hard, I slowly started eating better. I was drawn to it because it just made me feel amazing! I would walk out of the gym feeling so great (even though I was a sweaty mess). Whenever I eat really bad, drink alcohol and skip my workouts, I just feel yuck. It’s really all about the feeling! Now, I am a lot less strict with my diet and exercise as I realise that wasn’t really healthy for me (but everyone is different). I still eat healthy and exercise, but I train a lot less, and I follow the 80:20 rule with my diet - eat healthy 80% of the time, and then don’t worry about it the other 20% of the time. 

Favourite place to travel? 

I absolutely love Africa! Cape Town is one of my favourite places I have been to. It’s quite similar to Australia in that it has amazing cafes/restaurants, beautiful beaches, it’s super hipster, and the scenery is absolutely incredible. I also did safari in Kenya which was on my bucket list, and was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. I also love Bali and LA - I could live in either of those places.

How do you create balance in your life? 

I used to be very strict about everything - diet, exercise, work, my routine. Everything was structured and I had zero balance. It used to stress me out all the time. It’s taken a lot of hard work, but I’ve become a lot more relaxed about everything. I eat what I want (but everything is in moderation of course), I do exercise that I actually like, and I don’t feel bad if I skip a workout. When it comes to work, prioritizing is key. I will make a to do list each day and then prioritize the things that I need to get done and delete anything that’s unnecessary (there is always something!). I find that if I do this, I’m a lot less stressed about work, I don’t waste time, and I just do what is necessary. It leaves me with a lot more free time to relax and do other things that I love. It’s hard to get away from the stressful, busy mentality. Everyone thinks that to be successful you need to be constantly busy all the time. I used to think that too, but now I think the exact opposite. It’s all about working smarter, not harder. 

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Words by Courtney x