Our favourite work-out queen Alexz Parvi, might kick your butt into gear during one of her classes, but she is the sweetest and most generous soul you could meet. Creator of Hustl, the most aesthetically pleasing studio you could ever step foot in, Alexz’ focus is to make you not just feel your best- inside and out, but surpass it to become the best version of yourself. You can see it everywhere- from the mirror embellished with ‘You look beautiful today’ to her putting all her energy in to everybody's individual needs. 

Prae sat down with Alexz and what followed was an insight into her day to day life, a peek into what makes this inspiring woman tick...

Q - There is never a dull moment around you lovely, you’re always wearing a smile- How have you been keeping a positive attitude during this time of isolation/change?    

Thank you gorgeous, to be honest the first two weeks of this pandemic took a massive hit to my emotional wellbeing. I felt really ungrounded, anxious and unsure of my future plans. Mental health has been something I have always suffered with so I have been trying more lately than ever to keep myself busy with being outdoors, reading new books & trying not to put too much pressure on myself. Allowing myself to slow down and stay present has definitely helped me stay positive at the moment.

Q - What does a day in the life of Alexz look like pre isolation?

Pre Isolation, bring me back please! I wake up at 4:30AM 5 days a week and let me tell you that still doesn't get easy. I teach about 4 classes at the studio in the morning and then I go treat myself to my daily decaf coffee. I'll then go train with my trainer or do a session on my own. In the afternoon I normally love to take a nap and then I ride my bike or go for a big walk. I hate crowds so I normally walk on belongil beach or around my neighbourhood. At night I always try to watch the sunset they are too pretty here in Byron to miss & then I eat dinner and am in bed by 9:00PM like the grandma I am.

Q - Was opening Hustl one of your most rewarding experiences to date? Was this always a dream for you?

Yes. Absolutely. It's definitely been a dream of mine for the last 5 years. Its so strange how quickly and how effortlessly it all came together. It was a shit ton of work but all the pieces came together quite easily and for me that was extremely rewarding.

Q - Did you study in the wellness and fitness field?

Yes, I've been working in this little industry now since I was 16. Working in a gym was actually the first job I had and since then I have been studying various different subjects and taking different courses in whatever I feel drawn to teach. There are so many evolving trends in the fitness industry so studying naturally becomes a big part of the job.

Q - We love seeing women succeed in business- and feel so proud to have watched you grow so much these last couple of years! What advice would you give to our readers about the trials and tribulations of beginning you’re own business?

Don't listen - don't speak. This is an expression I tell a lot of people especially entrepreneurs. It's important to not listen to others, people will always have judgments and belittling thoughts even when they aren't aware. If you keep your dreams and your ideas to yourself naturally they will manifest over time. Talk to the people that you know support you. Don't spill your ideas, keep them close to you. The more internally you focus on your business plan, the more possibility you have of actually achieving it. All of my business ventures I have kept totally private until one week of launching. Keep your energy on yourself, the rest will come, they can all see what you have been working on when it's ready to happen.

Q - What is your favourite thing to cook for your loved ones, and why?

I hate cooking, sorry to let you down on this one but it's definitely not a passion of mine. I love to eat the most boring food known to man kind. If I am cooking I will always just make chicken breast with salad. If you're my loved one or a friend you already know this and you probably avoid my house at dinner time. 

Q - You’ve said it's totally okay to fake it til you make it- Once you’ve made it- do you always find yourself pushing yourself towards your next goal to tick off?

I get asked this a lot - how does it feel to have made it? to be honest, I am still faking it. I think to an extent we all are. A few years ago I would have looked at all these accomplishments and felt like that was the top of my ladder, but when you reach one goal a new one just manifests and so you never really "make it" you just keep growing and keep evolving. I am definitely guilty of goal setting and constantly pushing for bigger and better things. It's rewarding but it's also exhausting. Right now in isolation I am trying to appreciate the small wins as much as the big ones.  

Q - I am sure all your girls are excited for the Hustl studio to re-open- With Hustl being every Byron girls go-to destination to tone and have more fun than margaritas on a Friday night- Are you missing your community? How have you been staying connected?

Oh my god yes, I miss them all so much. Probably embarrassingly too much. I know every single one of my clients and most of them have been with me now for almost 4 years. They are like my babies and I am like one lucky mother. I am so excited to have them all back and to have the studio open again. Right now we are just doing lives on Instagram and we also have a HUSTL. facebook group that we all talk through.

Q - Have you been keeping on track with fitness and eating mindfully when you’re not teaching as much in the studio?

NO. I would love to lie here but I won't. I have been eating like a little pig in sh*t, but loving it. I have however been training more than normal because I have so much free time on my hands so they both kind of weigh eachother out. I am excited for the studio to re open so I can get back into my normal routine & put the pasta and cheese away for good.

Q - I think most people reading want to know your secret to get a fit bod like yours: how many times a week do you train and how strict are you with your eating?

My number one question. Normally I am very strict with my diet, I have been eating the same foods and same quantities for probably over 5 years. When your body has routine it adapts quite quickly & now that is my go to. Since I know exactly what I need to do to get in shape quickly I do allow myself to have cheat weeks or months or whatever I feel like. If I have an event or a photo shoot I know what to eat to get back on track and so I do allow myself time to be less strict. I train twice a day 6 days a week sometimes 5. I have also been doing this for 5 years now and so again my body has adapted to this. I love to train. It is my number one hobby so it doesn't feel like exercising to me it just feels like moving and I love it.

Q - What is your favourite thing to indulge in? Chocolate.. Coffee… Cocktails? All?

Well, I don't drink coffee or alcohol & I don't really like chocolate but if I was to choose my number one favourite thing to indulge in it would be popcorn. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sometimes I will go to the movies just to get the popcorn and will go home and eat it on my couch in silence. That's heaven to me.


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