It can often take a while to get back into the swing of things when re-entering the workplace after the holiday period. Now is the perfect time to start reintroducing positive habits to your daily routine to ensure you're showing up as the best version of yourself everyday. We have drawn together a list of tips and invite you to read up on how you can implement them into your work day to help boost productivity.

Diary keeping/ day planning.

Simple but effective. It's impossible to predict how the work day will unfold, with emails, meetings and last minute requests coming your way at all angles. One fail-safe way to help keep your priorities in check is to write them down, and number them. Writing your daily tasks in a planner/ journal also helps with memory, as the day can often take a turn, and also gives that feeling of accomplishment when you tick off each task. And we're all about that!

Tip: Daily Gratitudes by The Collective is a great journal to keep on hand to plan your day as well as keep you mindful with prompts to practice gratitude spread throughout the pages.   

As paperless as possible.


We are all about keeping the office as paperless as possible, especially when it comes to calendars, important reminders and file keeping. This not only helps us save time and money, but also helps us search quickly for important notes and easily make adjustments. Along with being more efficient, we like to minimise our carbon footprint as much as possible - and eliminating the paper production process, which we know contributes to global warming, helps reduce our environmental impact.

Tip: this helps keep your desk tidy, clear desk = clear mind!

Designated email window.

Emails, oh dreaded emails. We are all familiar with the bottomless pit known as our inbox. Emails essentially never stop - but there comes a time where you need to stop checking them during the day in order to move forward with your own to-do list. We recommend designating a window (or two) to solely focus on responding to emails, and flagging ones that you will get to by end of day. 

Tip: filing emails away once you respond! this gives us that sense of accomplishment and makes it easy to refer back to a particular thread when needed.

Meal prepping.

Lower the stress of sourcing food for lunch while you're working by preparing your meals in advance. This tip particularly benefits us snackers of the workplace, as keeping food at the ready keeps us full and keeps us on track - nobody likes a 'hangry' coworker.

Tip: we like to make this easier for ourselves by cooking extra at dinner the night before, so that you're meal prepping without thinking about it too much.

Tidy your desk at the end of each day.

A cluttered desk can make focusing on your to-do list seem difficult and can distract the mind, raising your stress levels. We recommend taking 5 minutes at the end of every day to bring order back to your area by tidying up, ultimately creating a space that you look forward to re-entering the next day.

Tip: keeping a handful of personalised items on your desk can make all of the difference to your headspace, we like to dress ours with crystals, candles and of course a water bottle/ carafe. 

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