A natural skincare ritual has become a staple in our daily practices, helping us to centre and ground ourselves before the day or night ensues. For us, it transcends mere routine; we term it a ritual with purpose. It represents our self care practice, an occasion to decelerate and ground while giving our skin the nourishment it needs. We've detailed below our step-by-step skincare ritual to achieve the most benefit — not only for your skin but for your wellbeing too.


Gua sha involves the use of a tool to stroke the skin and increase circulation. This may promote detoxification, relax tight muscles, and encourage healing — allowing the ingredients of your skincare to be absorbed more effectively by the skin. You can explore our range of gua sha's here.


By incorporating cleansing both morning and night, you can ensure that you clear your skin of the day's impurities whilst still maintaining pH levels with the right product. In evenings, embrace the double-cleansing technique for a more thorough cleanse. You can discover our range of natural cleansers here, and you can also use the Biologi Microfibre Cloth or the Eye of Horus Bamboo Cleansing Kit to support this process.


After cleansing, we opt for the Ere Perez Herbal Face Tonic and gently spritz this around our face to add a layer of hydration before applying our serums. Then gently massage the product into your skin with our Quartz Face Roller — a cooling facial massager designed to stimulate lymphatic drainage and kickstart micro-circulation.


Support your skin with extra hydration by applying a face serum after misting your skin, and massage gently onto your face, neck, and décolletage allowing it to absorb completely. You can discover our range of serums and face oils here.


Differing from serums, moisturisers not only deliver a layer of benefits but seal in hydration for the day or night ahead. At night, it's important to select a cream that is richer in texture, while moisturisers thinner in consistency are better for layering under SPF — which should always be applied afterward.


Natural makeup celebrates your inherent beauty while using gentle, organic ingredients. It enhances your features with subtle shades and nourishing formulas, letting your skin breathe and radiate the benefits of your skincare previously applied. Our range of natural makeup contains powerful ingredients derived from nature to support and complement your natural beauty, rather than hide it. Discover our natural makeup range here.

Overall, by implementing a natural skincare and makeup routine, you can nourish and protect your skin with each year and each season, and relish in the simple joys of a skincare ritual to ground, slow down and be present with yourself morning and night. Want to learn more? Discover the benefits of using a gua sha or how to boost your skincare with these ancient beauty techniques here.

In 2018, Founder Bec Conforti launched Prae, a boutique retail store offering luxurious, coveted essentials within the active, beauty, wellness and lifestyle space. The brand has since grown into a go-to online wellness destination with a loyal following Australia wide. You can discover our range of natural wellness essentials and activewear online.


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