Just in time for Sunday, Gold Coast native Carly McDonagh talks to Prae about her dream way to spend Mother’s Day and how witnessing the bond between her two sons, Sonny and Conor, is the most rewarding experience…   

Q - What has beautiful Sonny & Conor taught you about motherhood?    

They have really taught me to be present in the moment and to appreciate and understand what is most important in life and that it’s not material things, it’s time. They are growing so quickly and I always try to remind myself even on the hard days when I’m wishing time away that one day I will in fact be wishing for this time and these moments back.

Q - How has becoming a mum changed your perspective on life and family?

I definitely value those closest to me more. Everything I do, I do with them in mind and I make sure I’m spending each day with my family with a grateful heart.

Q - Most rewarding experience with your boys?

I would have to say when I see the boys looking out for each other. Don’t get me wrong they’re typical brothers, they have a lot of energy and they fight a lot... But you can see that love there and that special bond they have and they definitely look out for one another. Every morning Sonny comes into our room to cuddle Conor and say ‘Good morning baby, did you have a good sleep?’ and hearing their giggles while they play together is honestly the best moments. It’s so special and rewarding to me knowing that my boys are growing up knowing how to love and care for others.

Q - How has having two children changed your work life, and the household dynamic?

Going from 1-2 didn’t change to much for us. I was already working from home and nothing in my husbands job as a firefighter has changed. It definitely became harder to juggle the boys and our lives and household became a lot busier. Like anything it takes some time to adjust but soon enough you find your new groove and your new life just becomes the norm.

Q - How would you describe the perfect way to spend Mother’s Day at home?

A sleep in would be on top of my list but I don’t see that happening for quite some time yet. The boys are early risers and always have been, I haven’t slept in past 6:30am since Sonny was born. But honestly, just to spend the day with my family is a blessing that I am so grateful for. The boys don’t really understand the meaning of Mother’s Day just yet so it will be nice when the time does come where they understand and they can really appreciate everything I do for them.

Q - What are some of the most precious gifts you have received as a mum

The gift of becoming a mum. I wanted babies for as long as I can remember and the day each of the boys were born were honestly the best days of my life. I am so blessed they chose me to be their mum. 

Q - A mother and son bond is like nothing else, what guidance and lessons has your mum taught you that you will pass onto your children as they get older?

I feel very lucky to be bringing up to boys, guiding them to become good men. I will show them to be kind and respectful and to always follow their dreams.

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