Meet one of our go-to daily beauty tools, the Facial Roller. We recently introduced our very own Prae wellness essentials, including Jade and Rose Quartz Rollers, designed exclusively in-house. Using a Facial Roller as part of your beauty routine can improve blood circulation, decrease puffiness and enhance the look of your skin, when used alongside your favourite skincare products.

Our Top 3 Tips...

Tip 01

It's all in the prep. Wash your face and apply your favourite serum or oil to clean, dry skin. This will allow the Facial Roller to glide over your skin.

Tip 02

Putting your Facial Roller in the fridge will keep the stone cool for an extra refreshing feel.

Tip 03

For best results, work your facial roller into your daily beauty routine for around 5 minutes.

Find out more on using our Prae Facial Rollers with this quick and simple tutorial.

Shop our Rose Quartz & Jade Facial Rollers here.

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