Finding a balance between work and ‘me time’ is no easy feat. It’s particularly hard if you’ve got a busy job that requires you to put in extra hours on a regular basis. It’s important to find a routine and work schedule that suits your lifestyle and gives you time for your personal life, allowing you to mentally switch off when you leave the office. 

Whilst this isn’t always sustainable and there will be periods where you need to put in extra time, the intention should be there. Read on to discover ways to help you find a better work-life balance so you have more time for self-care, spending time with friends and family, and all those things that fill up your cup…

Avoid looking at emails when you wake up

Give yourself time of a morning to wake up and focus on yourself. It’s easy to check your emails and start working before you’ve even left bed. You’ll start your day in a much better headspace if you do a workout or listen to a podcast instead. 

Schedule breaks for yourself during the day

Whilst this might sound simple, despite the fact that we’re all entitled to a lunch break, many of us just continue working from our desks and don’t take time to step away and give ourselves a break. Be sure to schedule in some time to enjoy your lunch and get away from your computer, you’ll feel much better for it, and it will increase your productivity. 

Make a daily to-do list

Write yourself a prioritised to-do list at the start of the day, or better yet, the day before. This will help you feel clearer and more focused, and most importantly, help you determine which tasks are most important based on deadlines, etc.

Have something to look forward to after work

Whether it’s cooking a nice meal, watching a new TV show or spending time with your significant other, ensure that you have something wholesome and fulfilling to look forward to after work. 

Set boundaries

Start your day with boundaries in place so you know what time you’re clocking off. Things may not go to plan and you might have to work late, but you’ll feel better going into the day knowing roughly how many hours you’re committing to, and how long you have to accomplish your tasks. 


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