As the weather heats up and we come out of winter hibernation, our social calendars start to fill up. It’s easy to overcommit to social events to avoid disappointing friends or family, or simply because of the fear of missing out. Here are some ways that you can avoid social exhaustion, whilst still being a good friend, especially leading into the busy festive season…


Set and communicate boundaries

Before you start making plans, set boundaries with your friends. You don’t need to overcommit, instead say you’d love to hang out but just for a quick coffee or one cocktail if that’s all that you’re up for. 

Schedule alone time

We all know that feeling of wrapping up the weekend and feeling exhausted because you didn’t get any time for rest. It helps to set aside official time for yourself. You can even put this in your calendar to ensure that you have quiet time to relax and recover from the week that was. 

Align your social activities with your interests and values 

You feel will less drained from social events if they reflect your values and interests. Catching up with friends can feel like a chore if you’re doing an activity or going to a place that doesn’t interest you. Be sure to plan something that you will look forward to attending. 

Practice self-care

Take time for yourself so you can reset and recharge. Having self-care rituals helps build self-worth and makes you appreciate quality alone time especially when your social calendar is looking a little busy. 

Take a break from your phone and social media

Feeling social exhaustion doesn’t just come from physically catching up with friends or family, spending too much time texting or on social media can also cause you to feel fatigued. Taking breaks from your phone helps you reconnect with yourself and focus on meaningful connections. 

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