We often place so much importance on our romantic relationships and what they bring to our lives. Learning to love yourself and focusing on the relationship you have with yourself is so important, especially before stepping into a new relationship with a significant other. Find out some sweet and simple ways to date yourself…



Do something nice for yourself

Whether it’s taking yourself out for a morning coffee before work or cooking a delicious, nourishing dinner, these simple gestures are a great way to learn to love your own company and help you appreciate yourself.

Do what you want to do

Flying solo means you can focus on the things you actually want to do, when you want to do them, instead of potentially saying yes to things because of someone else.

Treat yourself

Whether it’s buying yourself a fresh bunch of flowers or booking yourself in for a facial, treating yourself is the perfect way to boost your confidence and help you appreciate yourself.

Get to know you

Spending time by yourself is the perfect time to get to know who you truly are and what’s important to you. Start journalling about your day, your thoughts and emotions, and even your dreams and goals. It’s so important to focus on you and your goals before bringing someone else into your life.

Words of affirmation

We often rely on others for compliments and a confidence boost, but why not try giving yourself some positive prompts? List some things that you love and appreciate about yourself, and remind yourself regularly.

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