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Now that the weather is heating up, there’s no better time to think about your water intake to ensure you’re staying hydrated. Our bodies consist of 60-70% water, so this makes water our most essential nutrient for optimal health. Although it might sound simple, some of us struggle to drink the recommended amount of water each day. 

According to the Australian Dietary Guidelines, men should be consuming 3.4L per day, whilst women should be having 2.8L, which is 8-10 cups. Our individual water needs vary depending on how active we are in a day, our composition and metabolism, how much we exercise our diet and also the climate we live in. Plus, if you’re pregnant, you should also increase your minimum requirement by 10% to provide enough for both you and your growing baby. 


Here are some simple and easy ways to drink more water...

1. Keep a reusable bottle with you

Keeping an earth-friendly, reusable bottle with you throughout the day means that you can drink water no matter where you are and it serves as a visual reminder to drink more. 

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2. Set a daily goal

Set yourself a realistic daily goal and record your progress - this will help you stay motivated and turn your goals into habits. You can download a water tracking app on your phone to help you track your progress each day.

3. Add fruit to your water

If you get bored drinking just plain water and crave a little flavour, try adding some fruit to your water, like lemon, lime or even strawberry. 

4. Eat more foods that are high in water

Instead of just drinking water, you can also add more water-rich foods into your diet, including watermelon, cucumber, orange and lettuce. 

5. Replace other drinks with water

Boost your health and reduce your calorie intake by replacing other drinks (like coffee and soft drinks) with water. 

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