Micro habits are powerful small actions you consistently do every day in order to help you achieve big results. These simple changes make it easier to implement new habits or break old ones, and quickly become a part of our normal routine. After all it’s the little things that count. 

Here are our top 15 micro habits to start incorporating into your routine. 


Practice saying no

Set boundaries and protect your peace by giving yourself permission to pass on things that don’t serve or interest you. 


Use what you have

Instead of purchasing a new outfit for an upcoming event, try upcycling clothes you already have by styling them differently or borrowing an item from a friend. 


Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning

Starting your day off with a glass of water has many positive effects such as flushing toxins from your body and increasing energy and immunity. Not only this, starting your day off refreshed and well hydrated will set this habit in play throughout the rest of the day. 


Tidy as you go

Instead of having the chore of cleaning the entire house, stay on top of the housework and tidy up as you go. This keeps your physical space in order and improves your mental clarity. 


List things you’re grateful for

Next time you’re in line at the coffee shop, on your morning walk or even in the shower list a handful of things you’re grateful for. A positive activity to boost your mood and help you look on the bright side. 


Read 3 pages 

Starting a book can seen like a daunting task, however when you only have to read 3 pages a day it becomes much more manageable and achievable. 

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Look at your bank account

Become more aware of your finances by checking in on your bank account(s) often to notice your spending habits and where your money is going. 


Practice self-compassion

You are your longest friend so it’s important you make your relationship with yourself the best one. Write yourself compliments and put them in a jar, on days when you’re struggling to compliment yourself, pull one out. 


Meditate for 1 minute a day 

Don’t overwhelm yourself by jumping into a 30-minute meditation, instead, start small and work your way up. 


Move more

Make small conscious efforts to move your body more whether it’s a 5-minute walk on your lunch break, standing at your desk or stretching when you wake up. 


Give your eyes a break 

Many of us spend hours on end starring at a screen, take 60 second breaks every so often and look away from any screens, your eyes will thank you for it. 


Dedicate ‘no screen time’ periods

Assigning an amount of time that works for you each day of no screen time not only helps to improve your focus and brain function but will help you be more present. 


Compliment someone

Making a genuine and loving compliment not only makes that person feel good, but you too. 


Take a cold shower 

With a host of physical benefits, cold showers can also improve your mental stamina, start with just 15 seconds and remember to breathe. 


Find a ‘holiday’ every day

Do something every day that brings you pure joy. It could be an afternoon bike ride, or trying a new cafe or a dip in the ocean… the list is endless. 


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