Preparing for birth is one of the most special and sacred times in a woman's life. Every mum-to-be's journey and birth plan is different, focusing on her unique situation and needs. Our Founder, Bec, is just weeks away from welcoming her first baby. We sat down with Bec to find out how she's preparing for a home birth and what's on her must-have list for labour, as well as recovery...

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What made you decide to opt for a natural home birth and what research did you do beforehand?

I think for me I always tune in and listen to my intuition, and as soon as I fell pregnant, I just felt drawn to having a homebirth, which I think is the most important thing - what feels right and comfortable for you and your experience. I really want to feel as calm as possible during my birth and for me being at home is where I can really imagine being as calm and centered as possible, I am considered a very low risk birth as well. I have had quite a few friends who have birthed at home so I spoke to them all first about their experiences and also met with a few midwives before we chose ours, and asked them a million questions and came out feeling more confident than ever.

How are you preparing yourself for the birth?

I am preparing for my birth with Hypnobirthing (we did a 5-week course) and also with meditation, visualization and manifestation techniques, and affirmations that I do every day. My husband and I absolutely loved the Hypnobirthing course and both feel so empowered for our birth. I also have a great birth team (my midwife, doula and husband) who are super positive, and I have been doing regular acupuncture, craniosacral therapy and osteopathy to prepare my body for the birth. It’s also been super important for me to stay active during pregnancy to get prepared for labour, so I have been doing Pilates, yoga and walking.

How are you preparing your home and specifically your birth space?

Currently we are living in a studio while we wait to get started on a home build, so to be honest we don’t have a lot of space to set up for the baby, but I feel they don’t need much in the first year. For the birth we are just making sure the space feels as warm, calm and inviting as possible for me. I will have a pool that I will set up to potentially have a water birth and we will set up a space with affirmations, my diffuser with essential oils, candles and crystals.

Can you share some of the must-haves on your list for the birth and your recovery?

For the birth - a beautiful deck of birthing affirmation cards, a diffuser with some calming oils and an exercise ball.
For recovery - I’m planning on getting some beautiful nourishing meals delivered (organise friends and family to cook for you) for the first fortnight, a good bath sitz, ice and heat packs and I have heard amazing things about the Silverette nursing cups for breastfeeding - and were gifted those, so can't wait to try them.

What’s some of the most valuable information that you’ve learnt along the way when preparing for your home birth?

I think for me, a few years ago I would have been petrified of giving birth, but since reading a lot of empowering books and doing the Hypnobirthing course, I have really changed my mind set and actually feel so excited to have the opportunity to give birth, and feel honoured to be a woman and be able to bring life into this world. I’ve done a lot of work on myself to get to this point and I think it’s really important to do, to heal any past traumas, fears or emotions in regards to birth. I also think to get as educated and empowered as you and your birth partner can be and learn to ask questions about everything before you make a decision. Do what feels right for you. Also I have learnt not to listen to other peoples opinions (most people have them) and I just block out those people who have nothing nice to say - that’s their own fears and projections. Also I think that being okay with the fact that birth might not go the way you want and that’s okay - don’t be hard or judgemental on yourself. I’m totally aware and open to whatever comes my way during birth.

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