Essential for healing and connection back to the self, these ancient tools can calm the energetic body, and not only protect you- but with intention, can help you manifest all the good you want to attract into your life. 

Four of the most powerful crystals for manifesting-


Softly vibrating with nurturing and loving energy, Rose Quartz magnifies these qualities and can help you draw on kindness, softness and loving when you need it most. Benefits can be alleviating fears whilst promoting a sense of security. Attracting love in all forms, especially self-love and attracting a soul mate. 

How to use - You can hold a rose quartz in your hand or over your heart whilst manifesting your loving intentions. You can use rose quartz in Gua Sha or Roller forms on your skin, whilst meditating on self love. You can use it in Pendulum form to help guide a confused or unsettled mind, or if you need a yes or a no answer as the pendulum uses the energy of the higher self to guide decision making. 


Long referred to as the success stone, Citrine is said to manifest abundance, personal power and good fortune. A personal favourite because of its golden yellow, the most uplifting and inspiring colour to manifest confidence and openness. 

How to use - Put a stone of citrine in your wallet to attract wealth. Wear it to stabalise emotions, stabalise digestive and toxicity issues. 


This violet gem that Ancient Greeks and Romans swore by to heal during times of personal loss, ward off negativity and ease nightmares and promote restful sleep. Amethyst is the stone of peace. 

How to use - Rub an amethyst with frankinsense oil and place on blemishes and bites helps calm irritation. Wearing one or keeping Amethyst in your space close to your bed can connect you with your higher self during meditation practice. 


The most grounding of all stones. This beautifully dark and earthy energy can help you feel at home wherever you go. It can help stabalise the flow of your life, connect you with the earth and thus create a ‘lust for life’ energy. 

How to use - Hold when feeling fatigued and weak. Wear when you need to protect your energy. Smokey Quartz is known to ‘mirror’ or ‘reflect’ someones bad energy back to them when you are wearing a piece. Helps to balance the mood and regulate your bodies equilibrium. 


Clear Quartz encourages clarity of thought and purpose to one's heart and mind. It works on all levels of the energetic and physical bodies and resonates with all chakras.This makes Clear Quartz an excellent stone to use for healing and manifestation. 

How to use - Hold when feeling like you need clarity of thought, or when decision making. It will also amplify the qualities of other crystals. As it is such an energy absorber try and cleanse your clear quartz regularly to maintain the most potent manifesting energy.

Words by Courtney x