We’ve been there before, spending time, effort and money on acquiring and executing a complicated, multi-step skincare routine. But do we really need a complex regime to achieve results? We turned to innovative cosmeceutical brand Biologi, to get their thoughts on skin minimalism, multi-use products and skin cycling. Find out what the skin experts had to say…


Skin Minimalism

Skin minimalism involves re-evaluating your multi-step skincare to reduce reliance on products that may contain synthetic and artificial ingredients that the skin doesn’t need.
Removing the unnecessary toxic loading of ingredients can assist the skin in restoring its own skin functionality processes, balance pH levels, and strengthen the natural protective barrier.  It can also offer the advantage of saving you money and time because a simple regime that consists of the correct cleanser, exfoliant and serum moisturiser is enough to provide you with a healthy glowing skin.

Multi-Use Products

Multiuse products can also be an absolute game-changer if you are time poor or don’t want a lengthy skincare routine. While many products claim to target specific skin issues, a multi-step skincare regime can become confusing and tedious.  
It's all about your skin needs and goals and choosing the right synergistic blend of specific actives that can help treat a range of concerns that your skin will thank you for.

Skin Cycling

Skin cycling is thinking strategically about when and how you use your products for maximum results.  It’s an easy but targeted way to increase skin results when you feel your skin is in plateau, or if you want to boost or tweak any new skin goals.

It works by introducing new actives nightly to safely boost and encourage your skins own repair processes without using a multitude of layered products and, without damaging the skins delicate barrier.
It’s an evening cycle that introduces exfoliation on night one to remove dulling dead skin cells and encourage cellular turnover. On night two, you could apply an oil that contains vitamin a, which assists in revitalising and strengthening the skin. Then, over the next three to four nights apply a hydrating serum that is also aligned to your skin goals. Start the cycle all over again, and give your skin what needs, but slowly, without over doing it for longer term skin health benefits and results.


Here’s how to create a skin minimalism and multi-use regime using Biologi


Cleanse with Bc Refresh Cleanser and remove with Microfibre Cloth.

Apply Biologi serum of choice, we love Bg Defence Anti-Pollution Serum for daytime shielding and protection from environmental elements.



Remove surface debris and makeup with dampened Biologi microfibre cloth.

Cleanse with Bc Refresh Cleanser and repeat for a deeper cleanse if wearing makeup and remove with microfibre cloth.

Apply Biologi serum of choice.

Biologi recommend exfoliation once to twice a week with their Bx Reveal Exfoliant and if the skin needs some extra nourishment, introducing Br Organic Rosehip Oil into your routine.

About Biologi

Biologi is a brand like no other whose ethos is to provide truly innovative products that simplify your skincare regime and provide your skin what it truly needs to thrive.

Shop the Biologi range here.

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