Start the new year feeling fresh and rejuvenated with our first ever Prae Wellness Reset. Featuring workouts, nourishing meals and daily self-care reminders to help you begin the new year feeling clear minded and ready for what's ahead. Join us on the 17th of January for a week long wellness reset with daily tasks, as well as self-care rituals to help you start and finish your days the right way. The best part about the reset is you can do it anytime, it's customisable to suit your needs. Get ready with us...

How to prepare:

- Print the downloadable reset calendar and put it on your wall 
- Restock your pantry with plenty of fresh and nourishing foods 
- Get your activewear ready for the week 
- Do your grocery shopping to ensure that you have all the ingredients for the recipes
- Find a good book to read throughout the reset (this is one of the daily PM rituals)