Can you start by telling us a little about your journey and what inspired you to create Innermost?

We both had our own individual journeys that led us to a realisation that we were being taught to not feel enough. We each experienced pain in some way that we delved into to find answers. Once we had found the answers we both noticed how many girls were hurt, holding themselves back and struggling to feel confident in who they were. We just clicked as soon as we met and once we got talking we knew we were on the same page. Actually around the third time we met, we each got our list of goals out from a few years back and put them next to each other. They were exactly the same…. Helping young girls, talking in schools, ect. It was a goosebump moment for both of us!

Can you tell us about the foundations of Innermost and what it means for young women?

We created innermost to teach young girls how to feel confident and happy being their true self so to be able to create a life THEY want, without feeling the need to prove themselves to others or the world around them. Innermost is a space created to help young women connect to their authentic selves; their innermost self. Being a young woman in today's world comes with more expectations and pressures than we have ever known. With social media linked to the end of our arm, it’s become harder to escape comparison, doubt and feelings of not being enough. 


With all of these pressures bombarding us, many of us lose touch with who we truly are. We get caught in pleasing, doing and fixing to try to fit into external ‘standards’. We wonder what others think of us, rather than what we think of ourselves. 


Being your innermost self means being your authentic self. Not who you think you ‘should’ be, not who others want you to be, but who you truly are. 


Innermost is defined as being deep within, nearest to the centre. The innermost layer of the earth is fire, fire is light. The innermost layer of the sun is known as the core. 


We want all girls to ignite their individual light and connect back to the core of who they are. When we live as our innermost self, everything else falls into place. 

Negative body image is something that affects so many young women. How can we encourage more positive thoughts? 

We love to remind our girls that we weren’t born hating our bodies, we have LEARNT to judge the way we look. As babies we cried when we pleased, our smiles would light up a room and not once did we question the many roles on our thighs. 

The messaging we received from a young age has told us over and over again that our bodies aren’t good enough the way we are. When we are aware of WHY we feel the way we do, then we can make the change and UNLEARN. 


We both look at our bodies as a vessel, and this shift in perspective has been game-changing. When you acknowledge your body as your home, as a vessel that allows you to experience life, you want to treat it with love and care to have as much energy as possible. 


From this space you can shift your self-talk from how your body looks to what you body can DO.“My thighs are so fat” becomes “I am so grateful my beautiful legs allow me to walk”.

We encourage our girls to practise swapping negative body thoughts for these uplifting ones with repetition until it becomes second nature…. Which takes time, but is well worth it.


When we come from a place of love and gratitude for our body and what it allows for us, it functions to the best of its ability. When we hate, deprive and resent our body, the way we function is far from its best.

What is something you wish you could tell your younger self?

Mia: Believe. Keep believing in yourself even when doubt arises. You are the only thing in your way, so be on your own team always and you can get where you want to go. You have the ability to change your thoughts, beliefs and focus to feel the way you want to and become the person you know you can be, you just need to believe it.


Harms: Stop wasting so much time and energy worrying about your appearance. Stop striving and chasing after society’s ‘tick of approval’. 

Bodies change and fluctuate- It’s human nature. It’s natural. It’s inevitable. Appreciate your body. Appreciate all it does for you. Stop being at war with yourself and your body. Just EMBRACE IT; embrace it wholeheartedly. Feel the freedom from the embrace. 

What are some core values that you hope to teach your own daughters one day?

Knowing you are enough. Society gets us so caught up it doing, having, reaching, striving. We get lost in looking outside of ourselves to feel good enough, but we already are. You don’t have to do ANYTHING to be worthy, so we would teach our girls to know they are perfect, whole and complete just as they are.

The importance of gratitude. Being grateful for the blessings that surround us immediately shifts the way we think and feel. It’s a powerful tool and perspective shift that is available at any time.


Give. When we give, we receive. Life is about contributing to others and the world around you, when you do this in your own unique way, you get back what you give, multiplied.

What does self-love mean to you and what are some simple ways that we can practice this on a daily basis?

Self love is a practise of encouraging, nurturing and caring for yourself. Self love is unconditional. It is about messing up, failing and still having that strong, underlying sense of love and worth that helps you backup to try again. Being patient with yourself and learning to understand why you are the way you are is key to self love. Being your own support, cheerleader and carer. 

To do this on a daily basis:

Choose loving, kind thoughts. Allow your mind to be filled with uplifting thoughts that cheer you on.Turn the volume of your inner critic down and replace it by being your own cheerleader. Speak to yourself the way you would to someone you love. Lift yourself up! Your words have so much power. 

Journal. When you feel overwhelmed, confused or have something on your mind, write about it. When we get our thoughts on paper we separate ourselves from our mind. We can understand ourselves, see our thoughts in a new light and shift our perspective to grow into a better version of ourselves.

Do something for YOU each day. It could be as simple as a warm shower listening to your favourite song. Spend some time treating yourself. When you fill yourself up, you're more able to give to others. We can’t give to others what we don’t have. 

(We go into depth on all of these tools on our platform so our girls can build on their self worth and love each and every day.


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