Like anything you’re attempting to improve, minimising your screen time is not about eliminating it all together or being perfect every day. If you find yourself often getting lost in the digital world mindlessly scrolling on social media then these tips may help you restore balance.

1. Review your screen time & set app limits

Understanding how much time you actually spend on your device and on what activities will help you decide where you need to set more boundaries. Using the App Limits feature on an iPhone can help you stay accountable.

2. Set screen free times throughout the day

Allocating screen free times throughout the day can help you wean off your reliance to your phone. For example, a meal around the table to engage in conversation or leaving your phone in the car when you’re ordering a coffee.

3. Try a new hobby

There are many positive effects of engaging in a hobby such as stress relief, self development as well as providing enrichment and excitement in our lives. Try immersing yourself in a digital-free activity that interests you, it might surprise you how much you enjoy not having your phone at your fingertips.

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4. Turn off unnecessary notifications.

Notifications on our devices not only disrupt our focus but are a trigger to open that app. Refine what alerts are important to receive and which ones can wait.

5. Out of sight out of mind.

This tip really is as simple as it sounds. Moving your phone to another room while you're working or into a draw while you’re cleaning the house will not only help to reduce the habit of reaching for your phone for entertainment but minimise procrastination.

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