You’ve probably heard the saying ‘good skin starts from within’ (it’s a Prae favourite), so it should come as no surprise that your skin breakouts can be a reflection of your overall health, and point out areas of your body that might need a little attention. The ancient practice of Face Mapping has been used for many years to diagnose underlying health issues, whilst using your face as a roadmap. It’s time to fix those unwanted, reoccurring breakouts for good! Find out how... 


If you tend to breakout on your cheeks, it could be caused by friction from your pillow or your phone, as your phone causes oil and bacteria buildup. Try wiping down your phone screen throughout the day or use headphones instead of holding your phone against your face. It’s almost important to consider which side of your face is prone to breakouts – your left side is more connected to your liver, so it helps to consume more cooling foods like melons and cucumber, or you could also try the Beauty Chef’s Cleanse which supports your liver and digestion function, and helps alkalise and detoxify your body from the inside out.  

Whereas your right side is connected to your lungs, so you can try aerobic and breathing exercises in the morning to help strengthen your lungs. Your right side also has a stronger reaction to sugar compared to other parts of your face, so it might be time to cut back on junk food and sugar, which we all know is easier said than done... 

Mouth & Chin

Breakouts around the mouth area are typically related to your diet as your mouth is linked to your digestive organs including your intestines and liver. The Beauty Chef’s Glow Powder is a great one to try as it contains countless probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics to feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut. If you’re regularly breaking out on your chin, this generally points to hormonal acne. To help combat these annoying breakouts, particularly at that time of the month, we recommend the Adaptogen Inner Beauty Boost by The Beauty Chef. It’s filled with B vitamins and adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha which helps to balance your hormones.  

Above the brows

It will probably come as no surprise that blemishes in the area above your brows are linked to your diet, more specifically, consuming too many processed foods and junk food. Anytime we have a big weekend or are treating ourselves too much, we are pretty much guaranteed to get a blemish or two in this area. As these breakouts are connected to your gallbladder and liver, it helps to reduce the amount of fat in your diet and start taking The Beauty Chef’s Cleanse Powder to give your body a detox and support your liver function. 

Between the brows

Those annoying little breakouts between the brows are also linked to your diet, so they tend to popup when you’re drinking too much or eating too many rich foods. It helps to cut back on foods like butter and cheese, and also incorporate more exercise into your routine.  


Breakouts on your nose are generally connected to your lungs and heart, but they can also be linked to your vitamin B levels. To combat blemishes in this area, it helps to cut back on spicy food, meat and salt, and supplement them with fruits, veggies and nuts which are full of healthy fats. Adaptogen by The Beauty Chef is a great booster to take as it contains activated B6 and B12.  

Your Skincare Essentials

Whilst you’re navigating your reoccurring breakouts, it helps to have a considered skincare routine filled with all-natural products. If you're wanting tailored advice so you can choose the best products to suit your skin type, please reach out to us in-store or via Instagram. In the mean time, shop some of our Prae staff favourites below...