Prae Playlist

"'BASKING IN GOLDEN RAYS."Your Summer soundtrack for salty days beach hopping, lounging poolside sipping margaritas and warm nights in summer dresses. *Image via @brookie_davies


"SUNSHOWER."A playlist to remind you to live for the small moments and find pockets of sunshine in the every day. Whether it’s reading a good book, a call from a friend, no line at the coffee shop or buying yourself...
5PM Vol. 38
"5PM."Time to give yourself a much deserved break and press play on this easy-going playlist. Perfect for afternoon cocktails with your best friends. 
Spring Clean Vol. 37
"Spring Clean."It’s time to wipe that slate clean, quite literally. Refresh, renew and restore your space with a little help from our favourite beats to get the job done. ~ Image via Pinterest.
In the Kitchen Vol. 36
"In the Kitchen."A mellow playlist for those slow Sunday starts, cooking pancakes while the coffee brews, or mid-week catch-ups with friends over a home cooked meal and glass of wine.~ Image by Maddy Trueman
Switch Off Vol. 35
"Switch Off."It’s time to wind down and leave the stress of the everyday behind. A playlist to help you switch off, reconnect with yourself and just be present in the moment.
Under the Stars Vol. 34
"Under the Stars."A relaxing playlist for those restless nights where you need some soothing sounds to drift off. 
Your Go-To Reels Playlist Vol. 33
"Your Go-To Reels Playlist"Finding the ideal song to compliment your video can be a challenge. We’ve put together a playlist of our go-to reels tunes to make finding the perfect match easy. 
Study Tunes Vol. 32
"Study Tunes"This soothing playlist is ideal for those afternoon revision sprints or long study days when concentration is essential. Best paired with a coffee and a well-written to-do list.
Campfire Sing Alongs - Vol. 31
"Campfire Sing Alongs"A playlist for those crisp nights around the campfire with your best friends; roasting marshmallows and capturing moments on film.
Exercise Energiser - Vol. 30
"Exercise Energiser"A playlist designed to boost your motivation, mood and energy levels ready to conquer that am or pm sweat session.
Morning Magic - Vol. 29
"Morning Magic"No matter the day of the week pop this playlist on for an instant mood booster and feel-good vibes. It truly is morning magic, trust us. 
Coast Drive - Vol. 28
"Coast Drive"This one is for those long weekend drives down the coastline. Salty air, sun-kissed skin and blue skies with nowhere to be is what this playlist reminds us of. Press play, you’ll see what we’re talking about. 
Afternoon Strolls - Vol. 27
"Afternoon Strolls"We’ve created the perfect playlist of upbeat tracks that will have you looking forward to pressing play on. Tune in and zone out from the world while treating yourself to an afternoon stroll around your local area. "
Rainy Days - Vol 26
"Rainy days" a mix of dreamy tunes to be played in the background of rainy days, preferably cosied up with cup of coffee watching the clouds roll in. "
Heart So Full - Vol 25
"Heart So Full" A list of feel good tracks pulled together to make the heart sing, because love should be celebrated everyday. "
Productivity Hit - Vol 24
"Productivity Hit" To be played alongside that looming deadline you're avoiding. Whether it's a daunting pile of laundry or that proposal needed on your bosses desk by 4pm sharp ~ Vol. 24 has got you covered with easy, energising beats....
Fresh Start - Vol 23
"Fresh Start" A playlist to ease you into the new year that is 2021, the year of wellness. We recommend playing this one first thing in the morning for a fresh start. "
Christmas with Stable - Vol 22
Our neighbouring cafe and kitchen Stable collabs with us on their take on Christmas. If you enjoy a more upbeat festive vibe this playlist is for you.
A very prae christmas - Vol 21
A curation of vintage Christmas tracks that will make you feel warm and fuzzy ~ it really is the most wonderful time of the year after all.