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Reef Safe, Vegan, Plastic-Free SPF50
Keep our oceans clean and you and your family’s skin protected with our easy-to-spread zinc based SPF50. Hydrating yet non-greasy, this naturally broad spectrum formula is for your face and body. Sun Juju is vegan, reef safe and protects skin from free radicals with antioxidant Kakadu Plum, natures highest source of Vitamin C.
Size: 100g tin
Everyday non-greasy sunscreen for your face and body
Kind to skin and the planet, this broad spectrum zinc based blend is free from chemical sunscreen filters, leaving the skin feeling hydrated with no greasy residue. 
Plastic free for the seas
Packaged in lightweight aluminium tins that requires less carbon to ship than glass, it’s a highly and infinitely recycle material. Up cycle your tin for storage or clean it and empty it into the recycling bin knowing it has a 75% chance of being recycled, unlike plastic which has a 9% chance it won’t end up in either landfill or the oceans.
Regeneration + sustainability 
5% profits of this tin go to the Climate Foundations Marine Permaculture initiative, planting kelp to restore marine habitats and sequester carbon. This tin has a 75% recycle rate compared to the 9% recycle rate of plastic.
*ECOCERT - ECOCERT is an organic certification organisation, founded in France in 1991.
*ACO - Australian certified organic
Zinc oxide ECOCERT certified (mineral), Kakadu Plum ACO certified, purified water, coco-caprylate caprate ECOCERT (coconut oil derived), octyldodecanol (fatty alcohol), fractionated coconut oil, glycerin ACO certified (naturally occuring alcohol, skin protectant), polyglyceryl-3 polyricinoleate (fatty acid made from vegetable oils), Gluconolactone (naturally occuring acid, improved cell turnover),  disodium EDTA (stabilising agent), isostearic acid (fatty acid derived from cacao), sodium chloride (salt, preservative), ECOCERT cetearyl glucoside (derived from coconut oil), sodium benzoate 0.01% (preservative), xanthan gum (sugar-based polymer)

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