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A deck of twenty-one cards. Each card has a unique prompt for you to complete and is individually illustrated on the back.
We recommend finding a quiet place to sit and think about the person/people you are writing to.
There are several ways to use them:
Write twenty-one Future Love Notes to yourself.
Share your love. Write twenty-one Future Love Notes to twenty-one different people.
Write Future Love Notes as a family or group. During an event, on a special occasion, or over a weekend.
Write Future Love Notes with a lover. Share the card by each completing the love note and making a joint keepsake.
Write Future Love Notes for your children. Each day for twenty-one days your child is gifted a new message of love.
Write Future Love Notes for one special person. Twenty-one people complete one card each and all are gifted to one special person. A loving way to celebrate a special occasion or life.
We believe there can never be too much love.
21 cards on 400GSM uncoated board
Front side: Individual illustrations by Stuart Goh
Reverse side: 21 individual love message prompts for you to complete. 
Boxed beautifully ready for gifting. 
All paper used has been responsibly sourced and Non- toxic vegetable dyes have been used. All products are uncoated and fully biodegradable and recyclable. Written, designed and printed in Melbourne, Australia.

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