Violet Gray Design

A Winters Warmth - 9kt Gold Citrine Bracelet


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I can feel it…

Right now, I cherish a life that is fuelled by play, sunshine, vibrance, abundance and a body/mind that feels light.

May I rest on your arm and be a physical reminder of this desire?

Citrine, connected to the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakra is a stone that keeps your imagination active and creativity in abundance.

Turn towards the sun, towards your future and dream your dream.

Mantra : I am playful with my vision and believe in my ability to manifest that which will serve my life in the highest way possible. I believe that I can transform my dreams into reality.


Adult S-M : diameter is 15.5 – 17cm

The bracelets are flexible and easy to uncoil to put on /off (without loosing the shape of your piece).


Citrine (AAA Quality) : 6-7 x 7-9mm

Bangle, beads and VG tag : 9kt SOLID GOLD