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Morning Serum Kakadu Plum + Evening Serum Quandong

2 x 15ml


Bqk serum is the newest addition in Biologi’s revolutionary single-plant ingredient skincare range. Designed specifically to target stubborn pigmentation, Bqk Radiance is a fully active morning and evening ritual that improves skin colour and clarity while preventing against further pigmentation. 


Why choose Bqk serum?

Bqk serum contains potent levels of natural vitamin C and pigment-inhibiting phyto actives that work in synergy to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and redness in the skin while preventing against further uneven skin tone


Ingredients: Kakadu Plum + Quandong, 0.2% Sodium Benzoate


Use Bqk morning serum (Kakadu Plum) for:

  • Pigmentation and redness
  • Even skin tone
  • Anti-ageing 
  • Antioxidant protection from damaging free radicals
  • Prevent further pigmentation forming


How to use Bqk serum

Morning routine

  • Cleanse thoroughly 
  • Apply one to two pumps of morning serum all over the face and around the eye area paying attention to areas with pigmentation
  • Sunscreen

Evening routine 

  • Double cleanse 
  • Apply one to two pumps of evening serum all over the face and around the eye area paying attention to areas with pigmentation. 

Further instructions

  • Always apply to dry skin
  • One pump to cover face, two pumps to cover face and neck.
  • Week 1: Use the morning serum daily
  • Ongoing: use the morning and evening serum daily



I don’t have pigmentation, can I still use Bqk serum? 


Bqk serum contains powerful phytonutrients that hydrate skin, create an even tone and combat the early signs of ageing. While effectively reducing the visible signs of pigmentation, Bqk serum also prevents further pigmentation forming making it an essential serum for all skin types. 

I missed the morning serum, shall I apply both serums at night?

No, you must always use serums as recommended. Combining the morning and evening serum in one application may reduce the efficacy of the active ingredients and compromise results. 

If you miss a morning or evening application, continue the ritual as directed. 

Where do you source your plants? 

Kakadu plum (morning serum) is sustainably sourced from Aboriginal communities in WA & the NT.. Quandong (evening serum) is sourced from Broken Hill NSW. We have direct contact with farm owners and guarantee that all extracts are traceable from the farm to your bottle.

Do I still need to use moisturiser? 

Once you introduce Biologi serums into your skincare routine, we recommend you cease using moisturising products to avoid compromising results. The potent combination of 100% active ingredients can hydrate, nourish and protect skin cells replacing day cream, night cream, eye cream and face masks. 

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