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Style: sweet wild floral
An olfactory re-interpretation of our Courage eau de parfum, this organic perfume oil reveals more of the sweeter vanilla and magnolia notes, and less of the lighter top notes.
Softness and strength. Full bodied, the magnolia in bloom on a branch, steady and poised. Liquid amber dripping onto berry stained fingertips. The ethereal ylang ylang sitting cool in the atmosphere. Courage takes us to the clouds.
Main notes: magnolia, wild berries, rosewood, violets
Other notes: vanilla, amber
8.5ml / 0.28 fl oz
NOTHING TO HIDE full list of ingredients: Jojoba oil*, 100% natural fragrance/parfum: (extracts from mandarin, vanilla*, sweet orange*, magnolia, rose, rosewood leaf^, jasmine, ylang ylang*, frankincense*, labdanum, benzoin, lime*, beta ionone (natural isolate), phenyl ethyl alcohol (natural isolate), ambrette seed, copaiba balsam), vitamin E (tocopherol), rosemary extract.
*certified organic ^wild grown
100% natural. 88.24% organic (65.88% organic fragrance ingredients)

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