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Glowing Greens

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Beauty Berries is packed to the brim with anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, skin and hair loving nutrients. The powerful anti-oxidants will look after your skin internally, help to reduce the signs of ageing and inflammation, and give you that holiday glow in no time. But wait there’s more.. Not only will it just look after your skin, it is bursting with easily absorbed nutrients that will help to improve your overall health and give you that much needed boost of energy that most of us all desperately need.

HOW TO:  Mix in one teaspoon to water, coconut water, smoothie or sprinkle over muesli or oats.


Packed with alkalising ingredients to balance pH levels.



Strengthens the body and lowers the risk of illness.



Gently cleanses the body of impurities, giving you a youthful glow.



Supports and soothes digestive processes.



- 25 Serves per tub

- Tastes delicious without added synthetic or artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners.

- Made with the highest quality natural and certified organic ingredients.



– Broccoli*

– Apple fibre

– Pineapple

– Alfalfa grass*

– Kale

– Parsley*

– Spinach

– Marine algae

– Coconut water

– Chlorella*

– Tulsi*

– Natural coconut flavour

– Celery leaf

– Shiitake

– Spirulina*

– Thaumatin

– Stevia

*Certified Organic ingredients