Open Wide

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Rocking relationships with your family and friends. A soulmate who gets you on the deepest level. And the most mind-blowing — and soulful — sex of your life...

… Sound like a pipe dream? Not with Melissa Ambrosini by your side!

From the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl comes Open Wide — the definitive guide to creating fulfilling and intimate relationships for the modern woman. Delving into areas that no one dares discuss, this book tears down taboos and defies convention — diving into topics like how to fall (back) in love with your body, how to unleash your inner goddess... even how to experience toe-curling orgasms on demand. (Um, yes please!)

With its emphasis on USEFUL tools and uncommon strategies, this book is light years apart from the standard self-help advice. Real, raw, and full of revelations, Open Wide is a life-altering read for women of ALL ages who are craving a juicier, sexier, more fulfilling life.