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Rain Organic Eau de Cologne

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30ml / 1.0 fl oz

Style:  Earthy aquatic floral

(84.29% certified organic ingredients)

The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear. - Jalaluddin Rumi

What is the scent of rain? It is the smell of anticipation that brings refreshing to the soul.
Featuring notes of cool air intermingled with parched earth, damp floral notes and comforting skin musk tones.

Character notes: Damp grass, spring violets, freshly turned soil, aquatic rose, mimosa, labdanum, sandalwood, guiacwood, vetiver, ambrette (botanical musk)

NOTHING TO HIDE full list of ingredients: Natural ethanol from grapes* (ethyl alcohol), 100% natural fragrance/parfum: (extracts from labdanum, violet leaf, rose, Australian sandalwood*, mint, mimosa, guiacwood, ambrette, vetiver*, hexanal (natural isolate), alpha ionone (natural isolate), mitti attar, poplar buds, tomato leaf, cepes, copaiba balsam), distilled water (aqua).

*certified organic

100% natural. 84.29% certified organic. (44.8% organic fragrance ingredients)
Rain Organic Eau de Cologne
Rain Organic Eau de Cologne