Red Shimmer Lipstick - Prae Store
Red Shimmer Lipstick - Prae Store
Red Shimmer Lipstick - Prae Store
Red Shimmer Lipstick - Prae Store
Karen Murrell

Red Shimmer Lipstick

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Red Shimmer evokes feelings of confidence and strength. I always feel a wash of excitement come over me as I apply Red Shimmer... like something exciting is going to happen.

Well known as a symbol of femininity and elegance and adored as the crowning jewel of lipstick hues, red lipstick is always on trend to put one‚ pout into the spotlight with a touch of glamour and dynamite! Inspired by the native New Zealand Pohutukawa trees‚ rich red flowers, Red Shimmer is a timeless pink-red lipstick that slips onto lips like satin and sets like velvet! It includes a combination of lip-conditioning ingredients with a high natural pigment to ensure that lips are left with intense colour, while remaining long wearing, and preventing feathering.

All Karen Murrell lipsticks have rich emollient properties that ensure a creamy, smooth application and long-lasting colour.

Avocado oil provides moisture, nourishment and hydration.
Cinnamon gives fuller, plumper lips.
Evening primrose oil is rich in Omega 6, soothing and super moisturising.
Carnauba wax, renowned for its high melting point, ensures your lipstick is hard-wearing‚ even on the hottest day.