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Symphony Roll-on Perfume Oil

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8ml / 0.26 fl oz
style: exotic warm floral
(82.55% certified organic ingredients)
An olfactory re-interpretation of our Symphony eau de parfum, this organic oil-based roll-on perfume is an exotic white flowers experience. Opens with a dance of white flowers, as if warmed by moonlight, and blooms to reveal delicate sweet spices and notes of the forest floor. Symphony is about harmony and celebrating life in all its forms.
Our roll-on perfumes are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. The perfect size for your handbag or for travel.

Character notes:  jasmine, oakmoss, vetiver, cardamom, clove, green mandarin, forest floor.
NOTHING TO HIDE full list of ingredients: Jojoba oil*, 100% natural fragrance/parfum: (extracts from clove bud*, rose, mandarin, cardamom*, jasmine (several different jasmine extracts including organic extracts), vetiver*, peru balsam, oakmoss), vitamin E (tocopherol), rosemary extract. 
*certified organic
100% natural. 82.55% certified organic. (30.85% organic fragrance ingredients)

Symphony Roll-on Perfume Oil
Symphony Roll-on Perfume Oil