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The Carly Bag

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Big and beautiful - The Carly Bag combines macrame techniques with the style and sounds of the 1970's. And so the name is inspired by iconic singer and feminist Carly Simon.

"All men are created equal and all women are created equal as well...In the realms of man/woman, man/man, woman/woman love, it seems all up for grabs now. We are exploring so much, but I think we gotta go for the fight for all equality first." ~ Carly Simon

Each layer is intricately twisted and knotted by fair trade artisans in a remote rural community of Bangladesh. A bamboo ring handle adds comfort and true 70's style.
Roomy and full of our trademark texture and natural raw materials, these bags are the perfect addition to your relaxed Summer wardrobe.


  • 65cm at widest point x 41cm high
  • 10cm side gussets for extra room
  • 15cm diameter bamboo ring
The Carly Bag
The Carly Bag