Heavy Duty Yoga Towel - Dark Rose - Prae Store
Heavy Duty Yoga Towel - Dark Rose - Prae Store
Yellow Willow

Heavy Duty Yoga Towel - Dark Rose

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These are perfect as a lightweight travel yoga mat or non-slip towel to overlay on top of your existing mat.

They provide an absorbent, yet soft base that is non-slip on top and its underside. Unlike using a microfibre gym towel, the Yellow Willow yoga towel will remain in place allowing a continuous practise free from distraction, ensuring you to remain focused and in the moment. 

It is ideal as a lightweight travel yoga mat. It can easily be folded into a handbag - perfect for when you do a class when you're out and about. 

Its machine washable too!

Yellow Willow Yoga towels are made from recycled materials, are eco-friendly and biodegradable with no nasties: No latex, silicone, toxic glue, PVC or phthalates.

All fabrics are soft and gentle on your skin as well as UV resistant making them ideal for practicing both indoors and outdoors.

Yoga Towel Care: Lightly spray your yoga mat with a gentle cleaner after each practice to maintain freshness. Hand wash or machine washable. We recommend washing mats on a cycle on their own each time on a gentle cold cycle. Hang out to dry. Indoor drying typically takes 24 hours. Do not tumble dry, its bad for the mat and for the environment.

Details: Colourfast, lightweight and good for traveling, with each towel weighing less than 1kg

Dimensions: 61cm x 173cm