Why we love them

A sanctuary for your body and skin, Kalm Springs offer a range of luxurious services and treatments to help you relax and rejuvenate. Located in Casuarina, this must-visit space is not only aesthetically beautiful and calming from the moment you step inside, they offer every service you could need, from float therapy, to LED light therapy, to infrared saunas.  

Prae recommends

If we’re really in the mood to indulge, we book both a float therapy or infrared sauna, as well as an LED treatment to nourish our skin. 


Kalm Springs is an indulgent sanctuary providing premium floatation, sensory deprivation therapy, infrared saunas and light therapy treatments. We invite you to unwind in our warm and spacious private Float and Infrared rooms.

Let this be your time to relax, heal and exhale.

You can join the Kalm Springs tribe by signing up for a membership which gives you unlimited use of the Infrared Saunas, LED Light Therapy and 1 single float session per week. 


social | @kalm__springs

location | Shop 7, The Commons, 480 Casuarina Way, Casuarina 


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